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Crow Cams introduce affordable Stainless Steel Roller Rockers

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, October 31, 2013/Categories: New product

With more aggressive cam profiles and heavier valve springs now common in street and entry-level race applications, the limitations of extruded alloy as a rocker material are clearly evident. The flex alloy rockers exhibit reduces valve lift and horsepower potential and these stresses can lead to arm failure.

These problems have lead to a move to steel rocker arms in the upper levels of motor sport and now Crow Cams bring the strength and stiffness of steel rockers into the budget of every street performance engine builder.

Crow Cams new stainless steel stud type roller rockers (pictured) offer virtually zero arm deflection for maximum valve lift and excellent resistance to arm breakage. The oversize rocker shafts allows for 7/16 studs to be used without comprising shaft strength. The larger shafts and needle roller bearings also offer greater load capacity for high valve springs pressures.

Every set comes complete with poly locks for added value and simple, secure valve lash adjustments. The range of Crow rockers covers all popular Chev and Ford V8s and the Holden 6cyl.

Crow Cams new steel stud rockers are excellent value for money with a V8 set selling for around $300.00 a set. 

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