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11571-8 - CHEV S/B ROLLER
Chev Small Block Cam

11571-8 - CHEV S/B ROLLER

11571-8 - CHEV S/B ROLLER
11571-8- CHEV S/B RO

11571-8 - CHEV S/B ROLLER

Application  RPM Range   Part No.  Adv. Duration  .050" Duration Valve Lift  LSA  Lash Intake Lash Exhaust
Intake   Exhaust  Intake Exhaust   Intake  Exhaust
Performance cam. Good mid to upper RPM Range. Choppy idle. Needs manifold, headers, comp, etc. & 3500+ Hi Stall (See Fitting Notes 5) 3500-6500 11751-8 310 310 246 246 .570" .570" 108 HYD HYD

Recommended Parts to suit Camshaft

Lifters Valve Spring Installed Height Retainer Locks Stem Seal Timing Kit Pushrods Rockers
 5200H 7342-16D 1.850" 11710-16 4133-16 VSV530-16 CS8350 See Notes CRCSB153

Note: Springs marked with xxxx-xxD denotes that it is a double spring.


Fitting Notes:

1. Must use Performance Springs. 2. Must use Performance Retainers. 3. Machining Required to fit these components. 4. Must use performance seal. 5. Notes 1-4 Apply to this part number. 6. Check valve train geometry before ordering pushrods. 7. Pushrod Length varied in this model. Check length before ordering. 8. Spring height varies in models, check spring pressure before installation. 


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